It's One Hell Of A Ride

by Dodies

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Amir Halikov
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Amir Halikov one of the best music albums made in Israel! Favorite track: Boiling Point.
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released April 29, 2016



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Dodies Israel

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Track Name: Boiling Point
I'm surprised
That I'm so surprised
I love my TV
But it's filled with lies
I don't know
Where to go from here
If I don't get lucky
Then it's off the pier

Nothing wrong
With being a bum
I'm not condescending
You're just dumb
I forgot what my grandpa said
But I know I puked in my empty bed

And I
I don't care
I don't

I don't wanna smile again
Cause' I know I'll blink
And it'll suddenly end
I must say
That it's quite bizarre
That I get no pussy
And I play guitar

See fumes
Of loneliness
Gushing out me
Never do my best
To try and fix it up
Cause' I think
I drove too far to stop

And I
I don't care
I don't

Sorry if I disappoint
I'm about to reach my boiling point
Phony smile
And a wave goodbye
I don't wanna live
I don't wanna die
That's one fine comfort zone
Would you like to trade
I can't stand my own
Don't ask me
I don't know
But we might as well
Just give em' a show
Track Name: Alien
Hole in the ground
Is dragging me down
And I won't resist
The son of god
If you're not a fraud
Then save me from this
I don't know why
You're making me try
Not that kind of guy
Nothing in common
Killing the common people tonight

It's wrong
Never did belong
All my life honey
Alien baby


She's a success
As a pessimist
It's our time to shine
Wish that I had
A future so I
Could change back my mind
Left is for satan
Sitting and waiting
Something should come
Wind in my face
A sign I embrace
The superstition

It's wrong
Never did belong
All my life honey
I’m a joke baby
I’m a freak darlin’
Track Name: Suleyman
They won't allow him to sleep at night
Whispers demand he must use the knife
Skin dark as coal
Gone without a trace
Only wear masks
They have no face
Could he ever go back?
Back to the man that he used to be
All he predicts is uncertainty

Suleyman's here
Suleyman's here and he'll make sure you notice
Like it or not
Suleyman's here

He's never leaving his cave again
Something will follow my helpless friend
How can they laugh?
The father's in dread
Pleading with god to blow out his head
Could he ever go back?
He's gonna see his pain through your eyes
Punish them all for their fucking lies
Track Name: Circles
Break the glass
There's a gift inside
Running laps
While I'm stuck behind
And every day
Is a day I fight
Yet all my foes
Are slowly proven right

All this pain is for things to come
Just take your time and hope that I'm not wrong
We walk in circles every day
It makes me wonder
Why should I even stay here?
Track Name: Suburban Nights
Dragging my feet around these boring town lights
Going nowhere
Feels like there're glass walls between me and people
They couldn't hear me for too long

Late at the park
Getting dark
We are prisoners here
A minuscule part
Of something small
Never to be seen

Lazin' around
Crashin' down
On my bed for the day
And if we smoke
Could it chase
All the boredom away

Suburban nights
These small town lights
My lonely fights
Suburban nights

I wished I could
Wished I could
Be as real as you
It tore me up when I discovered
You were phony too

Nothing to do
But gossip
About my best friend
Is no one out
Or has the world
Just come to an end

Suburban nights
These small town lights
My lonely fights
Suburban nights

These small town lights
My lonely fights
My sleepless nights
Suburban nights

Everyone's looking at me
Like I'm some sort of fucking leper
Can't wait to get the hell out of here
And be a millionaire or something


I hate these people
Track Name: Uncomfortable Comfort Zone
I can't open my eyes
Give me the rejection
or an intervention
There's that look I despise
Get it out of my sight
Never gonna be right

Get that shit outta my face

The unfortunate times
Leader of a nation
Rigging the election
The oblivious minds
I don't wanna tell them
I don't wanna hear them

She said
Take a look at yourself
I don't wanna do that
Yes I wanna do but
I keep missin' my hell
Feelin' like an old man
Gotta get a new plan

I keep running away
Track Name: Sell Out
Do over
I need a do over
Stop this ride
I'm moving in reverse
Social network tends to make me ill
Stepford wife just made a porno film

I wish I lived in he 90's
And had the life of my dreams
Should I have stayed in the uterus baby
Or could my sins be redeemed

What an embarrassment
Am I a bitch or is this true regret

My hymen tore and it felt wrong
There's nothing that I could do
My mama said everyone's a phony child
I think I'm one of them too

Cuz' I sold out
I sold out
Track Name: A Song For The Ladies
My anti-hero
Is a tragic queen
Not like them bitches
From the magazines
She's rough and she's soft
She ain't keepin' clean
Would she accept me
To the punk rock scene

No one speaks my language
Like you do

She fucks who she want
No one's on her team
Her booze is cheaper
Than her self esteem
She's crazy
Maybe only she is sane
Her pussy riot's gonna make you rage
Track Name: Sweet Solitude
I can see
The sanctuary don't call me
When I discover good and bad
I'd rather be alone
Face yourself
You're probably ugly
That's OK
I'll show you where the outside is
The pictures in your head will burst

It's the sweetest solitude
And I woke up in a real bad mood
Though I feel insane
It's the only time I ever use my brain

My friend
I know this moment will soon end
In time I will return again
So I can be alone

I talk to myself
Don't need no one in my bed
I try to organize the mess inside my head
In my head
In my head
Track Name: Stuck
I've been waiting for too long my friend
It's the misery I dread
I've been getting all these signs again
Is it just inside my head?

This feels like the same day that we had before
So closed I can't breath
I think I can see them through my telescope
So close I could reach

I've been stuck here for too long my friend
If I only had a lead
But I think that I can see the end
Am I just imagining?

I've been waiting for too long
Track Name: Buffoon
He's flaunting his stuff
We have seen enough
He is praying
Praying to the moon
He's the punch line
He is the buffoon

We are offended
He can't understand
Present sorrows will be over soon
Slips and falls and
He is the buffoon

Reality is blurry and confusing
Good thing all the shiny things amuse him
He is praying
Praying to the moon
He's the punch line
He is the buffoon
Track Name: Dhysthymia
What am I
What am I
What am I to do?
Is my head off in space?
Is there space for you?
I think I should better
Get myself together
Could I even ever
Get myself together

The sheer magnitude
Sends my spine a chill
Could you ever win
With something that's real
I think I should better
Get myself together
Could I even ever
Get myself together

If you'd see it like I do
Then I know you'd lie here too
Somebody catch me